How to use Drone Defense System TSJ-ManPackUAV Portable Drone Jammer YlkmhmQJfrkPfn for sale.

  • How to use Drone Defense System TSJ-ManPackUAV Portable Drone Jammer YlkmhmQJfrkPfn for sale

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Product Description

Highly Portable Drone Defense System

The TSJ-ManPackUAV provides a highly portable drone defense system in a backpack format for protection and mobility.

Total output power of 102W on five channels, coverage area is approximately 400-1000 meters.

Custom tuning is available upon request, however our most popular configuration is as follows:

Directional Antenna:

2.4-2.5 GHz : 20W
WiFi 11.g, b, Bluetooth (Vertical)

2.4-2.5 GHz : 20W
WiFi 11.g, b, Bluetooth (Horizontal)

GPS L1 + GLONASS L1 Hz : 40W

5.7-5.9 GHz : 2W

WiFi 11.a  

Omni Antenna:

2.4-2.5GHz: 20W
WiFi 11.g, b, Bluetooth  (Vertical)

Total: 102W


This covers most commercial drones such as DJI, Phantom, Advanced, Standard and Inspire Series, etc.

Adjustable power output on each channel from zero (off) to max.

100% safe VSWR over protection (isolator) for each module.

Operating time: 1-2 hours on a full charge

Optional : Remote ( contact us )

Need more power? The TSJ-UAV6067 is our most powerful drone jammer available.


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The Signal Jammer Service

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