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2017 Low Energy Consumption GPS Jammer Black PxrzQPGsbblcfskQmhn NavtechGPS.

  • 2017 Low Energy Consumption GPS Jammer Black PxrzQPGsbblcfskQmhn NavtechGPS

All our GPS jammers are the best design and the best quality! So this type is not a exceptional one! Its jamming radius can reach up to 10 meters block GPS signals validly! We very appreciate you order and once you placing your order we will deliver the product to you in 3 days.

GPS Frequency jammer ( TX Frequency : 1500Mhz -1600 MHz)

Output Power : 0.2watt

Dimension : 95×48×18 mm

Jamming Radius : Up to 10 meters (5-10meters by your background signal strength)

Weight : 0.37KG/PCS

Available system : GPS

All the parts warranty : 13 months

Delivery time : Within 3days

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