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Online store Delhi High Power Mobile Jammer in Spy India zlzffJawsrJedb_r_kik for ebay.

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    Seguro SSG-201, is a High Power cellphone jammer. It is effective at shutting down GSM and 3G cellphone signals. It even eliminates older CDMA and DCS mobile phones for silence all around, all the time. It can be used for all the worldwide network frequency system.This is full Size mobile phone signal jammer in high capacity and all description & specification are below here.


    Output Frequency Average Output Power Channel Output Power
    CDMA800 850-894MHz 33dBm 6dBm/30KHz (min)
    GSM900 920-960MHz 33dBm 5dBm/30KHz (min)
    DCS1800 1805-1880MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
    PHS 1900
    or GSM1900 1895-1920MHz
    or 1930-1990MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
    or choose 3G 2110-2170MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
    Power supply: AC adapter (AC220V-DC5V)
    Shielding Radius: Shielding Radius: (10-40) meters ,-75dBm Rules of installation: UL (E190582) CSA (LR 112971 Level 3)
    Weight: 2.8KG/PCS
    Remote control: Can open and close the Jammer
    Dimension: (width, height, length) 210*50*170mm

    Package Contents

    Jammer with Antennas
    AC Adapter
    User Manual
    Warranty Card
    Mounting Clamps


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