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Porter Finance – see the truth

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Porter Finance – see the truth

Porter Finance is founded in 2014 and located in London, while they still don’t have their regulation license, they have a number of excellent features and options and they established a respectful reputation. With a wide choice of different assets, learning material and well organized and presentable webpage, all these features make them one of the best binary option brokers on the market.

But, why this broker has such a large number of supporters, even though is not regulated? It’simple – this broker knows the laws and complies with them, strong customer support service is up to date and ready to resolve any kind of problems along the way. Surely you have noticed that brokers who are regulated, do not accept the U.S traders. On their webpage, you will spot statement that U.S citizens are restricted from trading currencies and commodities on this platform based on the CFTC regulation. Other brokers misinterpret this regulation, or choose to ignore it, but no Porter Finance.

U.S citizens have the right by the law to trade binary options, and Porter Finance respect those laws and allows U.S traders to have access to their services. It is kind of a refreshing to see binary option broker knows  aregulatory scheme and publicly displays it, which is quite rare. From all that is mentioned, every trader has the evidence that Porter Finance is not a scam. It is always useful to read other trader’s reviews and their experiences.

digital_diagram_business_and_technology_by_prophotostock-d711i91Considering deposits and withdrawals, Porter Finance has a simple but still strict policy. In order to start trading, you will have to deposit minimum amount, which is $200. Methods of payment are wire transfer, credit/debit card, Skrill, Neteller and others, you can choose currencies from USD, EUR, GPB to CAD and AUD. If you use bank wire, you will have to pay an additional fee of $30, for every individual withdrawal, which is quite acceptable, since it’s a standard in the world. Thought, Porter Finance has few benefits, for example, you aren’t required to pay a fee for the first withdrawal. The minimum amount of money that you can withdraw is $30, which is more than reasonable, compared to other binary option brokers.

binary-options-img1Once you begin the process of opening an account with this broker, you will notice the account tires presented on the right side of the site. Since the minimum deposit is $200, it is best to deposit at least $250 to achieve beginner account and 30% of bonus, you will also get a weekly market review and useful trading e – book. If you choose to invest $750, you will get access to the standard account that comes with 40% of bonus – it has same features as the beginners account, but you will get daily market reviews. Exclusive account brings with it the minimum deposit of $1,000, 75% of bonus, plus all previous benefits, three trading strategies, five trades that are free, VIP Academy membership and money management training.

If you are a serous trader and want to invest $100,000 then you will get an access to VIP account that has a number of additional benefits.

Porter Finance – independent review

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Porter Finance – independent review

Porter Finance is quickly becoming one of the leading binary option brokers on the market. With a very presentable webpage, traders now have the opportunity to learn about binary options in a few easy steps. What’s most important, Porter Finance offers their users very helpful materials, such as tutorials, e – books, trading guides and videos. Every trader has the potential of big earnings, where this broker guarantees you the return between 77 and 79 percent. For example, if you invest $500 dollars, you may have the ability to gain between $885 and $945. This platform has one focus in its mind, to help its traders.

What differs this trading platform from others is that it has innovative and users – friendly interface. When you select an asset and make a smart prediction, trading becomes quite simple. This platform offers its traders variety of options from stocks and indices to currencies commodities, everything in one place. Traders will have the opportunity to use Rollover and Double up Options – each of these options has the expiry time, from 30 seconds to 6 months, which is a great opportunity, because traders have in their hands opportunity to make a successful investment.

Users have the chance to trade different kinds of currencies and variety of commodities, such as crude oil, gold, natural gas and silver. Indices involve CAC40, VIX, S&T 500, DJI and DAX. Large multinational corporations can be traded too, such as Apple, CITI, HSBC Holdings, Nike and others. It’s important to mention that Porter Finance is fully registered binary option broker.

1492329Porter Finance has provided a number of benefits. For a beginner to open an account, he must deposit minimum $200, but Porter Finance refunds 30% of that amount into traders account. Depending on type of account this refund increases, for standard account it’s 40%, for gold account it’s 72% and for the platinum 100%. If you refer this binary option broke to some friend, you and your friend will get $50 of bonus after you load $200 deposit.

What’s great benefit of this broker, is that trader can explore a variety of customer support options, they operate from 06:00 GTM to 11:00 GTM and in various countries you can contact them by phone. Live chat is available during the working hours and you can contact them anytime through e – mail. You may use FAQ option, if you want to search for your answers, before you make an initial contact.

This broker provides its traders different kinds of options for making deposits into their trading account. They will have the opportunity to use bank wire transfers, credit cards and Netteller.

13.1Porter Finance may still be new on the market, but it’s quickly becoming a leader in this area of trading. With their innovative and trustworthy solutions, this company has secured a wining position. The resources and trading material that are provided on their webpage, not only will increase the rate of successful trading, but it will help the traders to learn something new. With everything that Porter Finance offers you, you won’t have a hard choice ahead of you. Learn More about binary options trading  and Porter Finance.

Porter Finance – best available binary option broker?

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Porter Finance – best available binary option broker?

Porter Finance came the long way since 2014, when this trading platform was first time launched. By allowing its users flexibility, use of a large variety of features and teaching materials, this binary option broker became one of the leaders in this industry. It has a trading platform that supports Windows and Mac, but also has available apps for Android and iOS, which makes this type of trading much easier and mobile, since many of us don’t have too much time to spend in front of our computers.

Since is not regulated by the Cysec, this binary option broker has the opportunity to accept traders from U.S, which is a great benefit for them, because Porter Finance is known to have an excellent trading platform and really helpful customer support.

Clients can use this platform to trade four different assets such as, currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks. Multinational companies, such as Nike IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Tesco are present on this platform and traders have the opportunity to trade with them. A good benefit of this broker is that it has more than 100 assets available for trading.

Minimum deposit that traders must invest is $200 and trading is secure through SSL connection. They have a large number of payment methods, as well as different types of currencies, like USD, CAD, AUD, EUR and GPB. The minimum amount for trade is $5 and for every other type of trade is $10. The maximum payout is 83%, which is quite good.

Most popular method of payment is use of credit cards because they are fast, safer and easy. Since everyone has credit cards, it shouldn’t surprise us why this is number one method of payment. Bank wire transfer is an excellent solution for advanced and serious traders, this method of payment is recommended for investment above $15,000.
Porter Finance also accepts Neteller, this represents e – wallet, something similar to Paypal. Keep in mind, that if you withdraw money through credit cards, you won’t be obligated to pay any kind of fee, but if you withdraw money using bank wire, for every transaction you will have to pay $30.

Choosing-a-Binary-Options-BrokerFor every withdraw transaction, you will have to wait two working days, but in order for money to land on your banking account, it will have to pass another 5 to 7 days. Trader has the opportunity to choose from credit/debit cards and wire transfer, to Neteller, Skrill and many others methods of payment to withdraw or to invest his money.

If you want to accept any kind of bonuses, make sure to read well all terms and conditions, before you sing up for anything. In most cases you will have to meet certain demands and they mostly involve that you aren’t able to withdraw money after a short period of time, or you need to make a number of trades before you can use the bonus.

Porter Finance has five separate account types, depending on each account, minimum deposit and bonus payoffs are different. What most interest the clients; is beginner account, where minimum deposit is $200 and bonus payoff is 30%. Find out more about Porter Finance at


Is Porter Finance scam or not?

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Is Porter Finance scam or not?

Not till recently, trading binary options have been accepted as a legal mean of making money. When they first appeared on the market many people have been skeptical about them, because trading with them differed from broker to broker. Some people even stated that they were just scam or gambling. Let’s face the facts – there was some evidence which indicated that some brokers manipulated with binary option trading and achieved monetary gain, based on their high fees. So, binary option trading didn’t have a successful beginning, but all that changed when new binary option broker appeared on the market, called Porter Finance.

Their trading platform is relatively new, Porter Finance started to work in 2014, but they quickly gained a number of new traders that believed in their ideas and Porter Finance got their trust. Many traders from all over the world testify about this broker’s reliability and they state that they are extremely satisfied with the services that this broker provides. Their webpage is very organized, structured and transparent – it gives an equal chance every trader to make money, which we can’t say for shady binary option brokers.

But how the simple trader can know that this site is legitimate? Simple, by providing 24/7 customer support service, this binary option broker aims to help its traders and giving the advice and tips that are fast and effective. Customers have the ability to contact them through live chat, Skype, or by phone If they meet certain problems. Customers also have the opportunity to do banking on their trading platform, in order to make deposit or withdrawal, they can use methods of payment such as, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, bank wire, Visa Electron and Cartebleue.

This trading platform is available to all countries in the world, except in Turkey and it’s been attracting the costumers from around the globe. So, if you look at it from that point of view, then this webpage can’t be the scam, simply because of the fact that it has a large base of clients. Since they have great customer support service and transparent banking results, this binary option broker can’t be the subject of any kind of scam.

If you want to withdraw or to deposit the money, it can be done only with the approval of the client and through the series of security checks and with a lot of personal information questionnaires. This only proves how highly this trading platform considers the safety of its users. Trading platforms that want to scam their users usually charge extremely large fees for wiring transactions and some of them don’t even want to pay off the investment.

grafico-recurso-e1359388883767-300x224Every trader should always check to see if any kind of broker has a regulatory license before he starts to use their services, of go through the internet to read helpful reviews. Regulatory agencies are obligated by the law to monitor the work of individual brokers and also to revoke their license if the suspect any kind of shady activities. No shady activities have been reported so far and you read about the Porter Finance in porter finance review.

Is Porter Finance real deal?

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Is Porter Finance real deal?

Many binary option brokers have tried to manipulate with the trust of their users, some of them succeeded in that goal, but some of them were stopped and their licenses have been revoked. Porter Finance fought to earn the trust of their clients and achieved in that mission – large number of clients can testify that. You must be asking if porter finance sometimes gets complaints of the costumers but you have to be realistic and admit that there is no business in the world that from time to time doesn’t get complaints from the clients, especially if the money is involved.

If you put this subject on an internet search, you will notice very few complaints made by costumers and they mainly report minor problems. By having a very efficient costumer support service, that is available 24/7, any kind of problems can be avoided. This greatly helps this trading platform in building its reputation.

Their response rate is quick and all problems are solved within arranged time. Clients can contact them by phone in certain countries, such as USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and others. They also have FQA tab where clients can find all answers related to their problems, if they don’t want to contact costumer support service. Real people are appointed to answer the phones, Skype or live chat, so you won’t have to meet with machines or with prerecorded messages.

porter-finance-trading-platformPorter Finance dedicated a lot of their time to the development of their platform, so besides costumer’s support service, traders now have the opportunity to experience free demo account and decide if this trading platform is best for them. But, what is demo account and how to open it? Demo account is specially designed service which helps traders experience how the real platform works by mimicking its actions. Traders will have the opportunity to invest virtual money and place trades without risk of losing their investment.

After the trader gets comfortable and gains necessary confidence, he can start placing the trades with real money. This can be a great help, especially if trader is a beginner; he would learn to avoid mistakes and exclude possible financial losses.

learn-to-trade-online-free-300x203What makes this binary option broker better than its competition are useful learning tools. There are a lot of material that can be found on their webpage. That is a great help to new traders, such as tutorials, e – books, videos and other. Another interesting thing that can be found on their trading platform are reviews of useful features and tools and articles related to binary option trends in the world. This only proves that they want to help its users stay educated and up to date.

Is their trading platform regulated? Porter Finance has been on the market since 2014 and they made a choice to stay out of this because they want to be present on all markets around the globe. It gives them so much more opportunities that regulated sites don’t have. They are also present on U.S market, only residents of Turkey don’t have access to this trading platform.


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